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Spirit Catcher joins Tony English on Saturday 24th October at 6pm

AT LONG LAST: the duo are set to join Saturday nights very own host Tony English for an in depth interview as artists at the top of the pile!!! Join the threesome as Tony delves into their history, current releases and plans for the future... EXCLUSIVELY - Spirit Catcher join the infamous FINAL40 mix so get those recorders at the ready as 2 of Europes finest are in town!!!! Does Belgium have C.H.I.P.s? Or Hart to Hart? It doesn’t. It has bugger all. No heroes, no drama, no action. Chocolates, beer and Spirit Catcher.

Jean Vanesse and Thomas Sohet have been exposed to music for as long as they have been conscious. Jean was even born in a recording studio. His father owned a studio, and absolutely insisted on capturing a high quality recording of the birth. Thomas, meanwhile, was born in an ordinary Belgian hospital room to the sounds of an Earth, Wind and Fire cassette of his mothers.

Then on...well, Spirit Catcher have become one of the most in-demand house acts, gracing the finest underground labels with their polished future disco sound. But to those who know them, Tom and Jean are simply a pair of misfits looking for life and love between the keyboard keys and the automated faders. Two kids born into the sounds of the seventies, then immediately grabbed by the cruel talons of music and doomed to seek solution in the groove. Luckily, through the help of well-meaning record labels such as Silver Network, Freerange, Winding Road, Missive and Moodmusic, we can all listen in to the frenzied disco workouts through which they exorcise their murky pasts.