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MZEE joins Kinetic P on Tuesday 24th November at 8pm (gmt)

Mzee is a house music producer based in South Africa and currently making waves around the globe with his offerings, best known for his production “Mahuwelele Remixes EP” which reached #1 best selling house music EP on selected digital sites, and receiving support from Top DJs from around the world. Lock in on Tuesday 24th November as this star in the making joins midweeking guru Kinetic P for some upfront action!!!

Mzee is a house music producer based in South Africa and currently making waves around the globe with his offerings, best known for his production “Mahuwelele Remixes EP” which reached #1 best selling house music EP on, and receiving support from Top DJs from around the world.

He says: “There is no house DJ around the world that doesn't have Mahuwelele on his/her set. It is funny, the song was initially ignored here at home until it became a club anthem around the world, and it was only then people starting taking notice”.

After making history with his charts busting internationally released EP Mahuwelele Remixes which featured remixes of his song by house music heavyweights like Manoo, Tommy Bones, Boddhi Satva, Halo & Steve Rigmaiden as well as Black Coffee, he released a 31 songs album titled Tamanini – Xitsonga. The album is a clear testimony that Mzee is a true African and it serves as free education to anybody who wants to understand different African languages and its diverse cultures and traditions.

He says: “Music was born in Africa but all these years Africans were made spectators in the music industry and now is the time to reclaim our position in the world and showcase our traditions and different ways of singing through our music. African house music is taking the world by storm and now other musicians and producers are taking us as serious competitors and not just music consumers

Tamanini was produced by Mzee featuring his crew he named “The A Team”; an album that is already one of the most talked house albums this year and is set to take Mzee's music career to another level.

The A Team” is a group of young talented producers also very keen on learning from Mzee and to transfer the knowledge and the skills to others.

The A Team is made out of the 15-year-old Jaso, Sbonza, Wylee and Silly M (a duo that goes by the stage name Sculptured Music), Morra DeRey and G’Sparks, who also comes from Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mzee adds: “When we are in the studio is like house on fire, I have no doubt that we were born to make music.

The youngest member of “The A Team” is just 15 years old and so talented that even the master of house, Louie Vega of Masters At Work, praised his production skills.

Mzee will release The A Team’s project with Nulu Music, a record label owned by Louie Vega’s wife, Anane, and Antonello Coghe later this year before releasing their solo albums in 2010.”.

Mzee doesn't beat around the bush about his new offering – Tamanini - when he says:

"Christmas came early this year in a form of my brand new album titled Tamanini. I am the good Santa Clause who is giving away 31 songs for music lovers to have a wonderful festive season and beyond."

In his first single titled Zvinosiririsa, Shona for What a shame, Mzee is featuring one of his artists, Sukoluhle "O’luhle" Ncube, a young Zimbabwean born singer who is now based in the UK. The song appeals to all African leaders to do something to stop all the blood shedding and make effort to bring peace to the continent.

Mzee collaborated with a 66-year-old Kampi Moto, a musician from Democratic Republic of Congo, on a song titled Umoja, Lingala for Unity, which another call for unity in Africa is made. Unfortunately that Kampi Moto passed away shortly after recording the song with Mzee due to heart operation complications.

Early in September 2009, Mzee made another international released titled Umoja EP as a tribute to Kampi Moto and it reached number 3 as the best selling house tunes on

Mzee says: "The lion of Katanga [Kampi Moto] is smiling wherever he is for the job well done. I hope he is singing the song to the angels in Heaven. He was a wonderful man and my best friend."

Mzee also collaborated with his mentor and friend, Pops Mohamed, the musician better known as the minister of music in South Africa on a song titled Baxoleleni.

On a song titled Dunia Langu, Mzee collaborated with Alex Mutombo, another musician from Katanga in Democratic Republic of Congo. The song which means My World appeals to people to look at each other's world and not to close their eyes to other's pain and sufferings.

With the 2010 FIFA World Cup being hosted in South Africa next year, Mzee came out with another crazy tune for Bafana Bafana titled Leo njo leo, Swahili for Today is today. The chorus on this song is famous amongst the soccer lovers from the Swahili speaking countries in Central Africa and Mzee gave it his magic touch.

There is no doubt that Mzee is one of the new generation of African musicians who will continue raising the continent's flag high and represent Africans around the world through their music.

Mzee, who also has an international recording deal with Ocha Records, a USA based label owned by house masters, Osunlade and Carlos Mena, says his classic song Mahuwelele has made him an overnight celebrity around the world.

Mzee believes his new album will take over where Mahuwelele left off and continue his dominance as one of the top house producers in South Africa. He explains: “There is no doubt that Mahuwelele is a monster hit but my new album, Tamanini, is on another level. This is a kind of album that after listening to it you will ask yourself one question: where was Mzee all along? Tamanini is a dope album.”

Mzee says he was influenced by Nigerian afro-beat icon Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

Fela was a genius, I wish he was still alive – I was going to do an amazing collaboration with him” He says.

Still talking about Nigeria, Mzee has a Nigerian influenced song titled 100 000 naira featuring one of the rising South African musicians named Ochi.

It is true that Christmas comes once per year in December but Mzee made it come twice per year this time around, in September and December.

Tamanini is a must for any music lover and the best Christmas present your friend cannot resist. It was made for everybody to fall in love with Africa again. This album is not just a house album....


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