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Scott Langley on RedSea Dance show Thursday 24th February on PushFM

Pete Farmer has gone and done it again.  By making sure the RedSea Dance show shines with even more fine studio guests; Scott Langley gets into the hot seat this Thursday 24th February with a special club mix.  Having gathered up over 20 years to date of music industry experience across the board - DJ'ing, label management - Scott Langley has indies 3 under his belt to can boast of a catalogue of more than 100 remixes and productions.  As a front runner for the more commercial side of Underground dance he continues to take his energetic vibe and energy around the globe.  Join him on the show this week.  Tune in from 4pm-6pm here on PushFM.



Scott Langley Bio

Having over 20 years of experience in the industry, it's no wonder Scott has 3 labels under his belt, over100 of his own productions signed to 40 labels and has smashed it with his unique style and energy across the globe at the hottest parties and events - from Bangkok's Ministry of Sound, Thailand's infamous Full Moon Parties, and Germany's Love Parade.

The sky's the limit for the world renowned Ministry of Sound tour DJ taking his cutting edge house beats to a new level with his studio and DJ tour schedule, multiple production and remix projects,setting up his own label imprint Phunk Solution Recordings and joining forces with long running promotions company Smartie Partie to form SP Trax. Scott is also the Smartie Partie worldwide tour resident with 25 countries and counting.

Following on from this success has seen Scott form a new label partnership STEREO WHORE MUSIC with the well established brand TOO DAMN GLAM. Set to cause yet more damage, Scott has partnered with DJ Alan Jinx Chamberlain under the banner THE TOMORROW PEOPLE. The pair met years ago when Scott was playing a 6 hour set at the notorious End Club in London where he met the 10 year resident DJ for Milk n 2 Sugars and long time manager of Marshal Jefferson.

The lads are now working with the likes of Barbara Tucker, Dawn Tallman, Charlotte Small, Michelle
Weeks, Stephanie Cook, Lisa Shaw, Donna Hidalgo, Heather Wildman, Tina Cousins and Stedman
Pearson - the former band member from the famous 80s group 5star. In a matter of a few months it will be these guys' names on the lips of music fans around the world. Showing no signs of slowing down, Scott and Alan are also set to launch their own Label WORLDWIDE MUSIC GALLERY which will feature not only the finest vocal house but also the biggest and best names in the business.

Scott is also exclusively signed to Baroque Records, under his banner PHUNKSOLUTION, continuing to work hard away at his already successful career scott now has 14 year experience of management at the london HQ MINISTRY OF SOUND, Gareth Cooke to Manage all his DJ work.


* Aint Gotta Clue (Stylus)
* Backstabber EP (Urbanized, Brazil)
* Change Your Mind/Moodyman (Plastica)
* Childs Play EP (Stripped Digital)
* Confused EP (Stripped)
* Cuban Sax Man (House Sound Of LA)
* Dark N Dirty (Phunk Solution)
* Express Yourself (SP Trax)
* Feel The Tension (We Continue)
* Get Off The Grass EP (Sweet N Low)
* Groovy Granules EP (Hottwerk Recordings)
* Here We Go Again EP (Influential House)
* House Keep (Power Of Love)
* How Do You Funk (House Sound Of LA)
* I Do Love House Music (Phunk Solution)

* I Want You To Know (Phunk Solution)
* Ignition EP (Break Under)
* It's Undergound/Rub The Funk (Azucar)
* La Musica/Notice Me (Phunk Solution)
* Lets Base It (Selektor)
* Lets Go (Break Under)
* Long Night (Phunk Solution)
* Mad Priest (Power Of Love)
* Magic Funkroom (Red Robot Records)
* Moving On (Endemic Digital)
* My House EP (Filthy Groovin Records)
* Not The Way EP (Influential House )
* Once Again (Ecology)
* Phunky Sound EP (House Sound Of LA)
* Pure Love (Broken Records)
* Release The Pressure (Guilhotina Records)
* Severely Limited / Think Again (Open Bar USA)
* Subway EP (Guilhotina Records)
* The Bounce (House Sound Of LA)
* The Ride (We Continue)
* Tribalizm (House Sound Of LA)
* Trouble With You (Power Of Love)
* U Funk Me, I'll Funk U (Phunk Solution)
* We Go Deep (Endemic Digital)


* Acid (Influential House)
* Anjos (Stripped Digital)
* Bahrain (Stripped Recordings)
* Better Days (Broken Records)
* Confide In Me (Loverush Digital)
* Dont Lose Your Mind (Axis Trax)
* Elements (Phunk Solution)
* Entangled Singularity (Influential House)
* Good Groove (Phunk Solution)
* Hustle (Phunk Solution)
* I'm Ready (Axis Trax)
* Ibuprefno (Guilhotina Records)
* Instant (SP Trax)
* Kamikazee (Divert)
* Lamina (Dbeatzion Records)
* Latin Influence (SP Trax)
* M-Trax EP (Guilhotina Records)
* Mist (Influential House)
* Nasty (Broken Records)
* NEON (Influential House)
* Next Kut EP (Phunk Solution)

* Ocean and Breeze (Phunk Solution)
* Pin Ball (Axis Trax)
* Sex n Drums (Stripped Recordings)
* Sonic Freak (Phunk Solution)
* Sonic Freak (Phunk Solution)
* Space Capsule (Influential House)
* The Weapon (Stripped Digital)
* Time Travel (SP Trax)
* Vertex (dBeatzion Records)
* Winter Morning (Red Robot Records)