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Blush hosts the Saturday Shakedown on and has been with the station since the lanch.Blush got her first set of decks in 1994 and started her dj career on London Pirate Station Freek Fm as part of Feminine Pressure a female dj partnershipwith Dj Touch, they hosted a Sunday afternoon show where special guests included Booker T, Joey Mustapha and Grant Nelson. Those early days were difficult as it was hard being a young famale in what was a very male dominated industry, but Blush had a passion for dj'ing and it wasnt long before she was playing in clubs all over London. After playing of Freek Fm Blush took a summer out to go and Dj on the Island of Corfu where she played at various clubs abd bars.

When Blush returned to the Uk she began to work on her own in Clubs and bars but it wasnt long before she teamed up with another female dj Misti, they went on to work on several pirates including Risk Fm, Shne Fm and Touch F, they also began playing at club nights in London including the club night Kinky Malinki and clubs such as legends and Glasshouse.After a couple of years playing in London Blush then got offered a six month contract to go and play on the island of Rhodes wheren she was a resident at Saint bar and Sinners clubs she also played at other clibs and parties on the island. Blush returned to the UK once more and began working on her own once more, she joined where she hosted her show for 3 years.

Blush is now a well establishd dj and has dedicated listeners to her radio show and clubbers that turn out to see her dj live. She has played at clubs and Bars all over the UK including Pacha, Ministry Of Sound, The Cross, Turnmills, Egg, Canvass, The Key, Herbel, Aquarium,Attica, Legends, Spot, Meet, Jam, Bar54, Embassy bar and Public Life. Her International work had been flooding in over the last few years and has played her live dj sets all over the world. She worked for Kinky Malinki in Dubai and Malta in 2006 and has also been working with The It Girls (, an all female, groups featuring dj's, dancers, musicians and singers."Dj'in for The It Girls is great as its the one time I dont have to travel on my own and its always a great laugh with all the girls there,we are always well recieved and I have visted some amazing places with them." Just some of the places she has got to visit include, Sarejevo, Sicily, Geneva, Dubai, Ibiza, Verona, Deance, Greece, Corfu and Rhodes.

Now Blush is with where she hosts her show The Saturday Shakedown every Saturday afternoon 12 - 2pm, expect the unexpected in the show as Blush doesnt just stick to one genre of house she plays everything from deep, soulful and funky right through to tech, elctro and minimal.Her motto is "If it makes me shake it, I play it." Already she has had some great guests on the show including Phil Chessman of Essence Records and Stictly Rythm, Hatty Lovehearts from Tokyo Disco and Ibi from The Beguinerz. One guest who featured on the show in 2006 was Jozif resident from Jaded and Wrong and also very talented producer. This show got such a great response and Blush enjoyed the banter with Jozif so much that she decided to ask if he would like to join her a co host the show once a month, of course he agreed.

Jozif is the new monthly addition to the Saturday Shakedown and has been playing records since he was 17, after a memorable dance floor moment on New Years eve 1997 with his hero Tony De Vit. After getting the bug (and his first set of DLP 1's) he begged a warm slot off his brothers best mate who ran a techno night in the back of a pub! From there Jozif matured into the slick, energetic and creative DJ he is today.

JOZIF's experience runs from the north of England, through to Wales and his birth place, London. He has held residencies at some the most resepcted clubs in country, Miss Monneyponnies, Scream, The Escape & Naughty but Nice to name a few.After winning the Coca Cola DJ of the year in Bristol, JOZIF was accepted onto the Galaxy Radio accademy - which he graduated from the same year and was then enrolled as one of the team.After a short stint at the station JOZIF moved back to London where he quickly set up SpecailNeedz, a dirty sunday afternoon shindig in Shoreditch.

It was here he met Raymundo Rodriguez, a former Push FM host, Ray was so impressed with JOZIF's talent the he immediately invited JOZIF to guest at his new venure WRONG. After that very same slot JOZIF was made full resident by Raymundo and has been with them ever since. Now in its second year WRONG trail blazed its way out of the Kings Cross boozer it held court to one the most revered clubs in London. Herbal.Weekly, the club is full, with guests ranging from Frerange records boss JImpster to 2020 vision man Tristan Da Cunha, not to mention OM  records top man Chuck Love and all round genius nice guy Mike Monday - all the while with JOZIF and Raymundo at the helm.

Jaded, a clubbing institution - another of JOZIF's residencies. It is here monthly he gets to strut his stuff in front of one of the most demanding audinces in Lonodn. Jaded still is THE PLACE TO BE afterhours in London attracting 1000's of clubbers every-week.

Having worked on RPM magazine since its conception last year JOZIF has exposure to almost very media medium and has just completed the inception of JUSTPORK.JUSTPORK is JOZIF's new stable and will be a label specializing in local, new breed talent, digital shop and a brand synanmous with the dance-floor!

Having just completed a remix for Mike Monday's ground breaking Smorgasboard album and writing the music for Malibu's new advetising  campaign, coupled with some of the most crowd pleasing bootlegs (PorkSex, JustporkedRodaal, JustporkedHell) and his new night with partner in crime James Jackson (Fresh @54), its fair to say all sides of his career are right on track.

In his words ........... 'Can we rave now????'