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Bora Bora Show (Gee Moore)

Bora Bora Show (Gee Moore)

Gee Moore is a DJ and music producer who has been living and working in Ibiza from the summer of 1997 to the end of 2005 when he moved his music brand and most famous cosmopolitan beach club concept in the world to it’s new Official home now in Brasil. He’s had a musical upbringing in England as a professional singer and guitarist from the age of fifteen.

He is famed for his unique universal sound that covers nearly all styles of dance music from House through to Techno and for playing to the crowd throughout his marathon 12-hour daily sets at Bora Bora each summer. He also takes that summer vibe and smile with him on special Bora Bora tours throughout the world. This successful tour that covers all corners of the world has played to over one million people at events such as the Zurich street parade, beach club Montreal Canada, Oslo Norway and Heaven London with guest Danny Tenaglia to a sell out crowed that many regard as the UK’s gig of the year. After the forced closure of Bora Bora Ibiza in 2004 (see Bora Bora story) the search was on to find new Bora Bora Beach venues around the world to continue it’s global success.

Over the last ten years Gee has released many singles and compilation albums including the very popular and highly acclaimed Bora Bora series. Gee has also released many singles for record labels such as Perfecto, London records, ministry of sound, React and many more as a solo artist and co producer working with recording artists such as Mauro Picotto, DJ Ruff, David Tort, Pigbwoy, Patrick levy, as well as other releases and co productions on the new Bora Bora music label (see discography). These and other productions of his were included on many of his Bora Bora compilations including the two Bora Bora live movies ‘Bora Bora Live’ Vol 1 & Vol 2 CD/DVD, it became the biggest selling compilation in Ibiza 2004 summer and received high adulation from the worlds music media.

In recent years Gee has compiled and recorded many more albums and singles not only for the Bora Bora series but for many other leading record companies to add to his impressive production collection.

Compilation release 2008 “THE BEACH IS BACK”.

Gee has made two Bora Bora music labels BBM (for club music) & BBML (for live acts/bands/groups, and more experimental projects) that aim to release his and other producers work. Over the years Gee has held residences in all the top 7 clubs on the island of Ibiza. In 2002 he was resident at 5 of these clubs as well as Bora Bora at the same time. In 2004 Gee played successfully around the world while at the same time holding residency for After Hour Power L.A USA While in Hollywood he tentatively embarked on an acting career, he was fortunate to gain first hand experience by having walk on parts in the last ever episode of the successful comedy series F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Over the past few years he’s written many articles for the worlds music press such as M8, Ministry and DJ magazine and made radio shows and mixes for Radio 1, Ministry, Thump Radio USA…

There is a collection of beach and club clothing, which is on sale in shops and on the web site. With this and all that is ahead you can be sure that work will continue to be just one big party for Beachbum Gee and his world famous Bora Bora.