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Waine P

Waine P
Waine P is relatively new to the House scene having only started DJ’ing in mid 2003 after meeting with his partners in “House”, Randy J & Floyd Patterson of the "EUPHORIC HOUSE COLLECTIVE”. After hearing the guys play, he realized that this is the sort of music that he could really boogie to, as although he was brought up on the Soulful sounds of the 70@s and 80’s, soulful & funky House is very much based on those themes. Floyd P was moving home so left his decks and records at Waine’s house for a few months. One day Floyd heard him mixing and thought that he had a little potential, so asked him to play as a warm up DJ in Bar Anexo (next to Turnmill’s) in London under the “EUPHORIC” banner. This was the beginning of the end for him (in a good way of course) as he then became a fully fledged member of the “EUPHORIC HOUSE COLLECIVE” and says that “I am now totally hooked and obsessed with the music”.

His music policy began as strictly soulful, but as time has gone by his taste has expanded to also encompass a funkier and deeper vibe, but still with a soulful theme. Having played at various bars & clubs in and around London both alongside and separate to the “COLLECTIVE”, Waine states that “You have to know how to be adaptable” and anyone attending the monthly “LONDON CITY SOUL” nights down at the Lane Bar in East London early 2005, will know that he has learnt how to please a crowd. September 05 will see the beginning of a new start for the “COLLECTIVE” with the return of “LONDON CITY SOUL” at a new venue and also because they are about to move into the world of music production, so watch this space for more news.